How long does it take to travel the Great Ocean Road?

We suggest 4 days 3 nights, don’t rush the Great Ocean Road – Experience that true holiday feel!!

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most iconic touring routes. Hugely popular for its spectacular scenery and jaw dropping vistas, the Great Ocean Road was built by returning service men of World War 1 and the brainchild of Country Roads Board Chairmen William Calder who wanted to offer gainful employment to these heroic soldiers of war.

Taking 10 years to complete The Great Ocean Road meant Melbourne’s population could access the many small towns along this stretch of coast. Today, this road is a major tourist attraction and ‘must do’ experience for tourists both visiting Australia and living in Australia. So how long does it take to travel the Great Ocean Road? An important question when planning your Australian holiday.

There are countless tours claiming to ‘showcase’ this iconic route. Most are Melbourne to Melbourne single day tours, with a small number offering a two-day Melbourne to Melbourne option. The grand procession of day tour vehicles winds its way systematically along this route, offering their patrons only minutes to spend at each look out or vantage point.

When we created our Great Ocean Road and Beyond small group tour, we did so to capture that true holiday feel!! Our itinerary is thoughtful and designed with the discerning traveller in mind; the traveller who wants to escape the crowds and sit back and relax: the traveller who wants to enjoy small country town hospitality and new friendships: the traveller who wants to experience Australian wildlife, Aboriginal Culture, World Heritage listed sites, wine tasting, and unique natural wonders.

How long does it take to travel the Great Ocean Road? We suggest The Great Ocean Road should not be rushed. Our Melbourne to Adelaide 4-day, 3-night small group tour goes beyond the Great Ocean Road its true. Our route between Melbourne and Adelaide is relaxed, diverse, breath taking, and our itinerary will suit all who want to immerse themselves in the journey and experience that true holiday feel.

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